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Easy DIY Small RV Kitchen Upgrade with Peel and Stick Subway Backsplash

Posted by Tic Tac Tiles on

"One of the best and easiest quick change in this kitchen was to add the peel and stick tiles from @tictactiles. Super easy to install!" -Aniko Aniko is a home & garden style maker shares her...

Easy & Affordable Neutral Kitchen Remodel with Peel and Stick Natural Stone Tiles

Posted by Tic Tac Tiles on

"@tictactiles white stone is sedimentary (Slate, Quartz, Sandstone) that is as simple as peeling and sticking to a surface you want to refresh!"

Gorgeous and stunning kitchen makeover is not difficult at all. Tic Tac Tiles stone tiles majorly elevate your space easily and effectively!

Budget-friendly Farmhouse Laundry Room Makeover with Tic Tac Tiles

Posted by Tic Tac Tiles on

"Our gorgeous new backsplash from @tictactiles I would highly recommend every one of these companies as they were incredibly accommodating and easy to work with!" -Brie Brie who is a beautiful mom of 3 adorable children, a...

Beginner Friendly Best Kitchen Remodeling on a Budget!

Posted by Tic Tac Tiles on

"We have started with the low cost renovation in the kitchen. The result is spectacular, the tiles are ideal and the best of all is how easy and simple the process is."  -Laura & Marta Laura...

Metallic Tiles Can Offer Clean and Modern Look to Your Kitchen!

Posted by Tic Tac Tiles on

Alen is a Virginia lifestyle blogger. For her kitchen makeover project, she was looking for the tiles a budget friendly yet easy to complete the DIY project, and safe to her lovely two girls. And guess what..? The choice was Tic Tac Tiles! She used Marble White Metallic Tiles for this project.

If you are planning to improve your kitchen for new season, you should check our bright metallic tiles. As you can check the pictures, they have a realistic natural stone tile look, which offers a clean, modern look to your kitchen! 

Lovely White Bathroom Makeover with Tic Tac Tiles' Stone Tiles

Posted by Tic Tac Tiles on

"these stone tiles were so easy to install that it all went up a lot faster than I thought.  this gorgeous peel and stick tile with a natural stone veneer will do just that!" -Lauren (@Farmhouseish)-...