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N.E.W collection, Stone Tile

New tiles are made of real quarried sedimentary stone.
Each tile might have different thickness, color and texture due to the natural surface of the stone tiles.

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From classic to contemporary

Transform any space in a few hours without any special tools. Let your imagination create the pristine, high-quality look you have always desired with Tic Tac Tiles!

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The all-time, best-selling  Subway design is both classic yet contemporary. When you use our Subway style tiles on your interior, it's the perfect fit for a clean, polished interior finish.


Our award-winning Polito design gives a distinctive old-world marble tile effect to any kitchen backsplash.  Our Polito style tiles come in an array of multiple colors to give your kitchen a very impressive and distinguished look.


Como design tiles are lauded for their contemporary design features and ability to brighten any space. These small size tiles are the perfect compliment to your modern interior look with a unique real-tile effect. 


The Tic Tac Tiles Collection

Tic Tac Tiles can be used across a variety of interior styles from classic to contemporary! We design renovation solutions to be easier than you think.


White tiles work seamlessly into any design, giving your space a calm, modern, and bright look. Explore our white tile collection here.


Gray tiles are ideal for modern and urban styled spaces. Their neutral tone works well with a variety of different colored interior spaces. Take a look at our gray collection.


Brown tiles make any room comfortable with a very natural, traditional look. Browns add warmth and depth to your kitchen backsplash. Find the brown tile collection here.


Peel-and-Stick Tiles

Shop your styles and then just peel-and-stick.
No glue, no grout, no mess. Perfect for a DIY project.

Vintage Farmhouse

"I am loving the look of it... plus it totally brightens up my space." -Fallon- Fallon describes herself as a "wifey, sahm, and believer." The vintage enthusiast  enjoys spending her...

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Quick, Easy, & Magical

"And would you believe me if I told you installing this backsplash only took me a little over two hours? Not even kidding and that’s because we went with self-adhesive...

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