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Our Mission

Tic Tac Tiles pledge to protect Planet Earth. 



Our History

DecorStandard Corp., parent company of Tic Tac Tiles, was founded in 2014 in New Jersey with the idea of vertically integrating the design, production, and distribution of easy-to-use self-adhesive home decoration solutions to a growing international customer base of do-it-yourself enthusiasts. The first high quality and timelessly sophisticated peel and stick products with 3D epoxy finish were expertly manufactured in South Korea - the home to many of the world's largest production facilities in the self-adhesive home decoration category. 


In 2015, Tic Tac Tiles self-adhesive tiles for the kitchen, bathroom and laundry room hit the market, focused on an e-commerce strategy as the DIY market had shifted in recent years from traditional home improvement retail giants to the convenience of e-commerce giants such as Amazon, eBay, WalMart and to specialty e-commerce home improvement sites such as Houzz and Wayfair. In the same year, the fledgling company moved to New York City where it had more access to an international buying market as it sought to introduce this new type of home decoration solutions to Canada, South America, and European consumers.


Traction in the new market grew steadily as DIY customers from North America discovered and then adopted the new technology of peel and stick home decoration products as an easy, efficient, and cost-effective method of improving their quality of life. In this time, the company opened its first international offices, first in Australia and then in England, where it launched the start of its European business. As the company continued to grow and required more office and storage space for inventory, the company moved back to its roots in Bergen County, New Jersey where it is currently headquartered in Bergenfield.


We will always provide the best self-adhesive home decoration solutions with the future of our planet in mind. 


As Tic Tac Tiles grew, the founder realized that the sole purpose in business cannot be the pursuit of profits, but rather what legacy the business will leave for our children and our children’s children. And that there is no more valuable resource to humankind than the Planet Earth and if we do not take immediate action now to save our home, within years, our planet would no longer be able to sustain the current population and future populations. Collectively, we have acted to damage our environment. But it is not too late to reverse the effects of what we have done to our planet and to save nature for future generations to enjoy and appreciate. In 2019, the company committed to giving back to our environment. As a proud member of 1% for the Planet, Tic Tac Tiles dedicate time, resources, products, and design programs to support nature and the environment. 


We promise to commit ourselves to producing the best self-adhesive home decoration products and to support local and global environmental causes for the health of our Earth.


We thank you for helping us do our part for nature and environmental conservation.