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Frequently Asked Questions

Check most frequently asked questions here, if you still need help then please contact us at contactus@tictactiles.com


Tic Tac Tiles are best suited for untextured, flat, and even surfaces. They are not suitable for outdoor settings nor on the floor. 

Below are some of ideal surfaces to install Tic Tac Tiles:

  • Painted gypsum (after a 21-day curing time for fresh paint)
  • Smooth ceramic tile
  • Wall panel (acrylic)
  • Wall linoleum
  • Mirror
  • Wallpaper

Please do not apply Tic Tac Tiles on these surfaces

  • Orange peel textured
  • Brick
  • Stone
  • Gypsum
  • Stucco
  • Plywood and other wooden surfaces

We strongly recommend to clean the surface properly with a degreaser such as TSP before installing. After the surface has dried, you can install the tiles. 

Our products are highly tested and can be permanent once if installed correctly.

More than 95% of our customers are very happy with our tiles. Many have installed tiles more than 4 years ago and still do not have any issues.

Tic Tac Tiles are water resistant but unfortunately not waterproof. It is not recommended to install Tic Tac Tiles where they will be in direct contact with water (e.g. shower stalls).

They can withstand the humidity of bathrooms and can be installed where they will not be in direct and continuous contact with water. 

Tic Tac Tiles are resistant to the heat of a stove. However, if you have a gas stove without a back panel or metal plate, you must respect a safety zone (without Tic Tac Tiles) of 8 in (20 cm) above the surface of the stove in order to prevent direct exposure to an open flame.

For countertop appliances such as toaster ovens, mini ovens and others, keep a space of 2 in (6 cm) between Tic Tac Tiles and the appliance.

The surface also cannot exceed temperatures over 120 °F (49 °C).

Tic Tac Tiles are strong enough to adhere to desired places but are also easy to remove with little to no damage depending on the surface they were applied on. Please use a heat gun or a blow dryer to warm up each tile sheet to soften the adhesive. After that, apply concentrated heat starting with the corner and pull it slowly and gently. Please take your time doing this step as some wall surfaces may be more delicate than others. Then, use a cleaning product to wash the wall and remove any excess glue left behind. 

Our stone and thicker tiles have a much stronger adhesive and will take more time and patience to remove. Please use the same heating trick to remove the tiles. Wallpaper and paint may come off with the adhesive backing. 

If there is any hard-to-remove glue, please use the heat gun/blow dryer again to make it easier to remove.

Shipping and Return

Standard shipments usually reach their destination in 1-3 business days once shipped. You will receive a notification to your point of contact that your order has been shipped after the order has been placed. However, if you did not receive a notification after 7 days, you are responsible to contact contactus@tictactiles.com to check on the status of the order.

Once the order has been shipped and you have received the tracking number, please keep track of the order. Due to COVID-19, shipping carriers may experience unexpected delays or return to sender situations. If your order has been delayed for more than 7 days or has been affected by another issue, please reach out to us and we will do our best to further assist you. 

Return Policy:

  • We offer a 30-day Return & Exchange Policy. For a refund or an exchange, a mandatory authorization number provided by Tic Tac Tiles representative is required. To obtain your Return Authorization number, please email us at contactus@tictactiles.com. 
  • Please return the tiles within 14 days of the date of our response to the return request or the return will no longer be eligible for a full refund. Please also ensure that the tiles are packaged sturdily as poorly stored tiles will result in a partial or no refund.
  • If requested, please email the return tracking number so that our team can track your order. If the product is returned without notifying us of the tracking, it will result in a delay in your refund.
  • Order returns, replacements, exchanges can only be handled through email. Messages outside will be directed here.

If Return Policy has expired:

  • After the 30 days, unused tiles may be exchanged for a different style of tiles (of the same or lesser value) or for our store credit. For one year from date of delivery, you are also eligible for a replacement of your tiles if there is a manufacturer issue. 

Return Shipping:

  • Customers are responsible for return shipping unless there is a manufacturer or shipping defect. If you believe you qualify for return shipping coverage, please email us and send us a picture of the issue so we can provide you the help you need. 
  • Shipping fees are non-refundable unless the original package fails to arrive within 3 business days (standard shipping) or 2 business days (expedited shipping) from the shipped date. 

Tic Tac Tiles

The perfect interior peel and stick tiles that will add a pop of color and give the rooms of you home a clean and classy look-without the mess! These are high quality and timelessly sophisticated peel and stick stickers that have a 3D epoxy finish. Tic Tac Tiles are specifically designed to renovate the kitchen, bathroom, living room and your valuable places. 

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Tic Tac Tiles stores are open 24/7! Our services are open from 9AM-5PM Monday - Friday. We are not available on weekends and business holidays. We strive to answer questions and concerns at contactus@tictactiles.com on the same day or next business day. Weekend emails will be responded the next available business day. We do not respond to any customer or business inquiries outside of contactus@tictactiles.com.

Please note that due to COVID-19 and the increasing volume of emails, we may be experiencing some delays in answering your inquires. However, please be assured that we will get back to you ASAP!

Tic Tac Tiles do not have a customer service phone line. Any customer or business inquiries will be referred to contactus@tictactiles.com.

Yes. Your 100% satisfaction is our priority. We offer replacement of defective Tic Tac Tiles following file investigation and depending on below conditions. The guarantee also applies to design or manufacturing defects within 1 year of the purchase. Please reach out to our customer service, contactus@tictactiles.com.