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Effortless Budget friendly Modern Bathroom Renovation with Peel and Stick Stone Tiles

Posted by Tic Tac Tiles on
Effortless Budget friendly Modern Bathroom Renovation with Peel and Stick Stone Tiles

"Let me tell you TIC TAC TILE is the PERFECT solution in tile for the avid DIY’er, the Newbie, the Designer…pretty much anyone who wants Durability, “curb appeal,” and NO MESS!"

-Carrie Michaels (@7thhaveninteriors)-

Carrie is a professional interior designer who is great at creating modern spaces with vintage textures. One of the most important things for interior decorating experience is maintaining the budget. For her On-A-Budget modern master bathroom renovation project, she chose Tic Tac Tiles' stone tiles!

Check out how well blended the white stone tiles into her modern master bathroom.

We can achieve your dream bathroom like this. Because...
White bathroom makeover project for modern interior with vintage texture
Her bathroom was started from this stage as well!
White Bathroom Makeover on a budget for modern interior design
Feel the gorgeous unique textures of stone tiles🤍
Modern Master Bathroom Renovation with White Peel and Stick Stone Tiles by Tic Tac Tiles. Natural stone veneer tiles with real texture


Planning to have a DIY project for Labor day long weekend?

Please check Carrie's testimonial out for your efficient project!

"Babes this tile is literally effortless, messless and stunning. I showed you why absolutely anyone, on any budget, renter or owner, NEEDS this in their life!"


Get your peel and stick white stone tiles NOW!

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